1. Do I need woodwork to use “Quick Drape Hanger?”

No you do not.

2.  How deep should my return be to utilize “Quick Drape Hangers?”

At least 2 inches.

3.  If my window is over 60 inches, should I add an extra “Quick Drape Hanger” for a center support?


4.  How many pounds can they hold?

Fifteen to twenty and more depending on your blind installation. I would add an additional support, if you have concerns.

5.  Do I need to use the shims, if the “Quick Drape Hanger” fits snuggly into the opening over my blind.

No, as long as you are confident.

6.  What if my “Quick Drape Hangers” are sliding, when I put the rod on the hangers?

Double up on the shims, until they are secure.

7. Do I need to remove the valance on my window blind to utilize the “Quick Drape Hangers?”


8.  Do I need to use the screws included to hold my rod in place?

Not really, that is up to you.

9.  Can I put a bamboo shade over my vinyl blinds with “Quick Drape Hangers?”

Yes, you may need to cut a small slit in the shade before trying to place them over the “Quick Drape Hangers.”

10. Can “Quick Drape Hangers” be utilized over any size of window blind?  

Yes, as long as your window return is deep enough.

11.  What size curtain rod does the “Quick Drape Hanger” hold?

Up to 2 inches.